Spanish Draughts Match

In this Spanish draughts mode players compete during four games. The last two games start with a randomly chosen opening.

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1 Hamza10 player icon Hamza10 3059
2 vilarex player icon vilarex 1938
3 armindopache player icon armindopache 1861
4 Elcartero4 player icon Elcartero4 1267
5 gabelocr player icon gabelocr 1218
6 chiara25 player icon chiara25 1006
7 almaro77 player icon almaro77 902
8 igorbetancou player icon igorbetancou 901
9 berchulero player icon berchulero 763
10 perizona player icon perizona 647

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34 competitors during the last week
199 competitors during the last month

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