Sprint Parcheesi

Sprint Parcheesi

Fill the center space with the needed amount of pieces (whatever their colors), spending as few dice rolls as possible.

Sprint Parcheesi is a speedy variant of the parcheesi, in which you handle all the pieces.

  • You can always move any color.
  • The coming dice rolls are shown next to the board.

To move the pieces:

  • You have not to take out pieces from home with a 5 roll.
  • You have not to break barriers with a 6 roll.
  • Pieces don´t go home after three successive 6 rolls.
  • 6 rolls become 7 when if there is not any piece of the same color at home.
  • You get an extra 10 cells advance each time one piece finishes arrives to the center.
  • You get an extra 20 cells advance whenever you make a capture.

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